Therapies have consisted of group therapy, art therapy, cognitive and behavior therapy, music therapy, guided relaxation, men and women’s group, presentation of step-work and your life-story, and family group. Our treatment planning includes a rigorous evaluation phase which incorporates a thorough examination of current and past problems. We begin by listening to each person. What does he want for his life? What skills does he need to help him achieve those goals? What strengths does it contribute to the treatment? These are the areas in which you can develop while learning new skills that work to keep your illness in remission for the rest of your life. Facilitating the recovery process for life is our goal for every client we treat. Clinical staff at the Drug Addiction Treatment Center recognizes that clinical excellence alone can not cure men/women of eating disorders, substance abuse, and mood. In addition to being aware of the traumas, our treatment program complements a basic medical and psychological approach with the daily practice of the 12 Step Recovery Principles.

These principles promote the development of a healthy being and a connection with a Higher Power to each person’s choice. We also recognize that begins when they leave a residential treatment center. Our dedicated hospital discharge planning staff works closely with their loved ones to recommend the next phase of treatment that will fully encourage the continued recovery. We also work closely with the referral treatment providers to equip them to continue to support their healing. Thanks!