About Us

Compassion, not rejection, it should be practiced when dealing with the disease of addiction. We are establishing information concerning the most common problems all of us are experiencing. Drug addiction is no joke, but we can make a change. Family and peer support are the most helpful thing we can give. With compassion, this will help them to make an action willingly because we support them all. Our mission is simple: to provide innovative care solutions for the development of an emotionally, physically and socially resilient. Our goal is to help people make changes in real life. And whether it’s avant-garde therapies or a good meal prepared by our award-winning chef, our mission is to help them change their circumstances in a supportive and welcoming environment. And that’s what we do, every day. A better life, without trust, awaits you.

The recovery is possible. Are you ready for the change?  Our vision is clear: to be a recognized center of excellence in pragmatic and integrated services for all. The success of our program depends on the development and provision of clinical and educational services based on evidence and supported by results. Our values ​​have always been the same: to defend the strengths on the weaknesses, the abilities on the deficits and the health on the pathology. We are dedicated to the transformation and recovery of people of all ages. You must examine all the elements, incorporate strategies and pay constant attention to each of your strengths and disorders. Call us!