Drugs taking over your Life?


People sought treatment for drug addiction, but only a fraction of those who achieved recovery from drug addiction. This is probably due to complex factors, including changes in brain chemistry, associated with drug addiction. A critical element for successful drug recovery is medical services, personal and behavioral counseling and a continuous support system to prevent future relapse.

Here is a story of a young woman:

“I was just a kid when I started smoking pot with her friends after school. From the beginning, I couldn’t use substances like other people even when it was just weed.

College was when my addiction really took off.

I didn’t have to go to class or be home, I started partying and took any substance I could get my hands on.  I soon began to experience the consequences of my actions— I got kicked out of college, eventually, I served time in jail wondering how I had got there. I still failed to realize it was because of how powerless I was over drugs and alcohol. When I got out of jail I went to court-ordered rehab for the first time.

After that my life was a constant storm of chaos.

My addiction got to the point where I was living on the street homeless and eating in soup kitchens because I didn’t want to spend the money I had on food. I checked myself into Drug Rehab Treatment Centre and started to listen to the suggestions from the people around me. I started talking about my feelings and start a life without the use of substances. When I got out of rehab I started going to support groups for addicts like me and found support in other people in recovery. I saw people who were like me who hadn’t used drugs in years and I realized if they could do it, I could do it too. I started to use coping skills like exercise and writing. I self-published a poetry book about my experience battling depression, trauma and addiction and how I started to love myself again. I reached out to other people and asked for help when I felt like using and they helped me get through it. My life slowly got better. I wasn’t living before and now I have a future I didn’t think was possible. I spent my 21st with all of my sober friends and family eating good food and just spent quality time together — I actually remembered it the next day! I’m so grateful I made the choice to get sober and learned recovery is available to anyone who wants it. I just have to make the choice to stay clean, one day at a time and I never thought I’d be so young and in recovery, but there are many people my age who are like me and have recovered. I never thought my life could be this fulfilling but being sober has helped me reclaim my life and learn how to enjoy every moment and be present.”